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Your HEP Solution!

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Getting Started

Adding a new patient is easy! Just click on “Add a Patient” and four data entry points later you are ready to assign and activate exercises.

Exercise Requests

We have nearly 1,000 plus options, but do you have an exercise request? Do you already have your own private videos ready to go and just need an awesome platform to use them with? Either way, we have that covered! Using our “Submit an Exercise” feature is simple and customizable for either public or private requests.

Manage Protocols

Create your own custom injury or post-operative protocol guidelines or exercise programs in advance for an even quicker patient HEP set up! Use the i-HEP video library and/or your own private videos!

Video Library

Nearly 1,000 exercise, activity, and education options…and growing! Stretching, mobilizations, range of motion, strengthening, education, equipment and device demonstrations, and more!

Private Messaging

Increase patient compliance and provide better customer service and communication by utilizing the secure, private messaging feature.

Quick Links

Already easy web application navigation is enhanced with quick links functionality!

Patient Portal

Your patients may enjoy the use of a secure patient portal to view their home exercise program. Specifically designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, this interactive feature is sure to set apart your patients rehabilitation experience.

Video-based HEP

High quality, HD enabled video at your and your patient’s fingertips! Great for academic settings and student education too! Click here for an example video.

Printable HEP

While we believe video-based education is better for patient learning and retention, there is the ability to print a HEP or download a soft-copy PDF version to archive and/or attach to an EMR or EHR. Click here for an example PDF.

Secure & Compliant

We follow HIPAA guidelines and strive to exercise best practice standards in security and programming. Please refer to our privacy policy and terms of use.