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About i-HEP

Innovative Video + Web-based Platform =
Better HEP Management & Better Patient Education

about us

No stick figures, no hand drawings, no animated creations, no cartoons… just video of real people.

Access nearly a thousand exercise options from anywhere. The video library is constantly growing!


PLUS …your patients may have access to their own private and secure portal to view their HEP and receive updates and secure messaging!

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Just imagine…

i guyNo wasting time thumbing through exercise cards to copy.

No ancient looking, photocopied handouts.

No more wasting paper or printer ink, just print as needed.

If time and customization are key, then the ability to track compliance and update an existing program easily would be next… has that covered too!

Additional customization…

i guyCreate your own private video library.

Create your own private exercise protocols.

Team i-HEP is available to help!

By using, with minimal data entry and a few clicks, you may go paperless, if desired, or provide a unique, customized HEP to save as a PDF document or print on the go with little effort.